Payment Processing in the Ticketing Industry

Most people love live events—concerts, musicals and plays, sporting events, and festivals are all things that people look forward to and are willing to spend their hard-earned money on, even when some ticket prices can range in the hundreds of dollars. Most tickets are now bought and sold online—gone are the days of endlessly waiting at the box office for exclusive tickets, now consumers can tap a few keys and print their tickets out at home at their own convenience. This may look like the perfect place for payment processors to make money, but some companies tend to be a little wary of ticket brokers.

High Risk Ticketing

Typically, the business of selling tickets is considered high risk among payment processors. This is because a ticket is not really the product—the admission to the event that is happening at a later date is the product. Unfortunately, sometimes cancelling an event is inevitable, and customers will want a refund for the money that they spent on the ticket, resulting in chargebacks. Due to the fact that events like these can sometimes be cancelled due to artist sickness, bad weather, double-booking, or any number of other reasons, payment processors consider the ticketing industry to be high-risk and tend to be somewhat reluctant to take on ticket brokers. The good news is that Vulcan Payments specializes in such high-risk businesses and is particularly sensitive to the needs of the ticketing industry.

How Does Vulcan Payments Suit the Ticketing Industry?

Vulcan Payments currently processes payments for comedy clubs and other ticket brokers all over the United States. Vulcan Payments offers online payment processing, which is a must for ticket brokers today. Our eCommerce solutions are perfect for any merchant, large or small, because we work directly with the merchant to figure out what works best for you. Choose from dozens of shopping cart integrations, benefit from our fraud and risk tools, and utilize our sales reporting to help your ticketing business grow and prosper. Your business can also take advantage of our PCI Compliance program through our partnership with ControlScan, to keep cardholder data safe when your customers are buying online. If you choose to take ticket orders over the phone, you will find a fantastic sales assistant tool with the virtual terminal—which is included in Vulcan Payment’s service solution and can be used anywhere with an internet connection.

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