Payment Processing for Supermarkets

According to the 2017 Consumer Expenditures Survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, American households spent an average of $4,049 on “food at home,” meaning food bought at grocery stores and supermarkets, annually. Considering that so many people pay with credit and debit cards as opposed to cash or checks, that amounts to a lot of payment processing! Supermarkets need to be on top of the latest technology and security features to protect cardholder data and keep their business fast and efficient.

Speedy Transactions

Noting as how busy supermarkets can get, keeping checkout fast and efficient is absolutely essential. After all, nobody wants to wait in line for a long time at the grocery store. Vulcan Payments offers a variety of POS systems and terminals to keep your business on its feet and your customers happy.

Almost all the POS systems and terminals that we offer accept contactless payments—the most secure form of payment and a method that is becoming trendier for consumers to use. Keeping up with recent technology will help your supermarket stay relevant and protect your customers from having their card data stolen.

Low Risk

Supermarkets and grocery stores are generally considered low-risk to payment processors because customers are less likely dispute charges, so supermarkets and grocery stores are subsequently responsible for fewer chargebacks. This means that Vulcan Payments is able to offer your business low-risk pricing, which of course means our lowest rates—resulting in savings you can then pass on to your customers and become their new favorite place to shop for groceries.

Vulcan Payments And Your Business

Vulcan Payments wants to help your supermarket or grocery store run as smoothly as possible and employs a variety of ways to achieve that goal, including, but not limited to:

  • Low rates
  • Thorough PCI Compliance program through our partnership with ControlScan
  • State-of-the-art security technology, including encryption and tokenization of consumer card data
  • Efficient and reliable POS systems and terminals
  • Responsive support staff

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