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You may think because your website is mobile friendly that you don't need a mobile app. When's the last time your mobile-ready website sent your clients a push notification? Or the last time your website sent your customers a coupon or promotion directly to their phone? Here's a big one- When's the last time your website sent your customer a notification of a promotion you were having... as they parked in front of your competitor's store?! Incredible to say the least. Here are more reasons to get your organization a custom mobile app.


TechCrunch has estimated that U.S. consumers now spend five hours a day on mobile devices. And 92% of that time is spent using apps - with only the remaining 8% devoted to a web browser. simply having your logo on the home screen of a device that your customer look at many times each day will help keep your brand top of mind.

Customer Loyalty

If you offer a customer loyalty program, having an app makes it easy to ditch punch cards once and for all. You can even issue coupons, promotions, or freebies when a customer checks-in a certain amount of times. It also makes it easy for you to reward customers with targeted discounts, coupons, and other incentives.

Push Notifications

Texts and push notifications are so similar that it can be tempting to lump them together and treat them the same way. They both arrive on a user’s mobile device, and they both have an average open rate of over 97%! However, Push Notifications are better than texting because not all of your customers have an unlimited text plan. It's an incredible way to keep your customers engaged and in the know!

Direct Marketing

Offering coupons, sales, promotions, BOGOS, and other specials through your mobile app is the most direct and cost effective way to advertise, period. You no longer have to hope that your custmers see your advertisements. Your message gets to them instantly on their phones, where they are guaranteed to see it.


Geo-fencing alone is reason enough to get a mobile app. You can set up radiuses around your front door that will alert customers of sales or promotions. Maybe your first geo-fence is a 5 mile radius that lets customers know about a sale when they're driving in the area. Then another more approximate geo-fence is placed within .01 mile radius that alerts them when they walk by your store.


Another MUST HAVE. Beacons are small, Bluetooth-enabled devices that attach to a wall or countertop inside a store. They detect a human presence through a person’s smartphone and then deliver contextually-relevant information, such as deals, special offers, and personalized shopping suggestions. Geo-fences do a similar thing but use GPS or RFID technology to widen the geographic range and go beyond the store’s interior. Both are touchpoints designed to drive customer loyalty and in-store sales.


Make ordering convenient. Whether you're selling items and need a shopping cart, or have a menu, you should be where your customer are. We can put your products or your entire menu on your mobile app, allowing customers to easily order and pay through your app with Custom App Build. Studies show an increase of 20% in orders when adding this impressive feature. We can also show you how to accept credit cards and pay zero fees! Get started today!



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