asterCard is the second-most used credit card worldwide, and as a merchant you probably accept it if you accept credit and debit card payments. As of April 12, 2019, MasterCard has updated their interchange rates as outlined below.

US Region MasterCard Consumer Credit Rates

MasterCard’s Consumer Credit Rates separates transactions into different “programs” and then interchange is decided based on both program category and by type of credit card. These credit card “programs” encompass five categories:

• Core Value: the most basic MasterCard type, these offer the lowest interchange rates, while still being shielded under MasterCard’s ID Theft Protection service and Zero Liability program.

• Enhanced Value: a “middle of the road” card, these cards offer rewards limited to fuel and groceries purchases. Rates are little bit higher than the Core Value cards, and more similar to the World Cards.

• World: the typical Rewards card, this card offers several perks, including discounts on hotels and food delivery. Cardholders also enjoy certain luxury benefits. These cards come with MasterCard’s Zero Liability and ID Theft Protection services.

• World High Value: Certain World cards qualify as “High Value,” and offer more rewards.

• World Elite: These cards are similar to the World cards, but come with a higher annual fee and more rewards and benefits.

The following images show MasterCard’s Consumer Credit Rates:

US Region MasterCard Unregulated Consumer Debit and Prepaid Rates

Unregulated debit means debit cards issued by banks with less than $10 billion in assets. The following images show the interchange rates for MasterCard’s unregulated consumer debit and prepaid program:

US Region MasterCard Consumer/Commercial Debit and Prepaid Rates

Conversely, regulated debit means that the issuing bank has more than $10 billion in assets. These rates are lower than the unregulated debit rates:

US Region MasterCard Commercial Rates – Small Business Credit

MasterCard has an interchange rate program for small businesses with a company credit card. These rates are determined based on both the program and the level of the credit card:

US Region MasterCard Commercial Rates – Unregulated Commercial Debit/Prepaid and Large Market Credit

For unregulated commercial debit/prepaid and large market credit cards, the interchange rates are dependent upon the program they are being used for:

US Region MasterCard PIN Debit Rates

The following image shows MasterCard’s PIN Debit Rates:

US Region MasterCard ATM Rates

The following image shows MasterCard’s ATM Rates:

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